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Real Estate has been my passion for more than thirty years. I have bought and sold properties of my own from an early age and have built many homes from the ground up.

My personal experience is extensive. After learning so much about the process and the impact of what a good real estate professional can add to the transaction, I chose to obtain my real estate license and I never looked back. I have been licensed for over twenty years, and working with people in the buying and selling process has been my focus.

I have learned that what a person requires in a real estate agent can vary dramatically, and I work hard to meet their needs and expectations. Because of this, I have made it my goal to learn as much as I can about all facets of the industry which allows me to provide the best service, advice and direction possible to my clients. I endeavor to increase my knowledge on a daily basis and stay on the cutting edge of what works and what is important.

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office253 569 4949253 569 4949
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Rainier Realty Group
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